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Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy

You are about to enter Workforce New Jersey's online self service One Stop Career Center. It is intended to help you manage your own career by making it easier for you to find jobs and for employers to find you. By it's very nature, this requires an exchange of information; however, you are in charge of how much information is given and when it will be given.
  • None of your personal information will be released unless you take or have taken some action to release it.
  • None of your personal information will be sold to mailing lists.
We hope you find our services useful and maintain your account for your entire working life. Because the service depends on the exchange of accurate and timely information, we will make every effort to keep the job postings and other information up to date. We depend on you doing the same with your resume and other information that you provide. We reserve the right to remove your resume from the file if it contains inaccurate or inappropriate information. We will purge old information from the system in accordance to schedules and alerts we publish from time to time.

Employers or their agents may not charge you a fee to provide you with access to a job referral; please report any instance of an attempt to charge you immediately. Employers or their agents may not use the service to recruit replacement workers in a labor dispute; please report any instance of such a recruitment.

Because we are customer oriented, we will occasionally ask you to participate in surveys to gauge the value and effectiveness of our services and to seek your advice on improving the service. Participation in such surveys is voluntary.

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